Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding holding your wedding/event on the property.  If you have additional questions or are ready to reserve your date, please contact Kemberly Sawyer, Whalehead's Promotions & Event Coordinator.

My rental company wants to set-up our tent the day before our wedding and breakdown the day after. Is there an additional charge to do this?

If you plan to have a tent for your event, you must rent the lawn on which the tent will be located for the day before and the day after to allow for tent set-up and breakdown.  Please see Pricing Guide.


The price of renting the lawn is $750 per day. For example, for the minimum 3 day rental of the lawn in which your tent is located, not including any additional lawns that you wish to reserve, the cost would be $2,250. This ensures that no other event will occur on the reserved lawn where your tent will be located for the day before, day of and day after your event.



Your tent rental company will not charge additional fees to set-up the day before and day after.