Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding holding your wedding/event on the property.  If you have additional questions or are ready to reserve your date, please contact Kemberly Sawyer, Whalehead's Promotions & Event Coordinator.

Are we allowed to drive on the lawn?

Beginning in 2016, NO TRUCKS will be allowed on any grassy area. Small pick-ups and SUVs (and trailer if applicable), with a Gross Vehicle Weight of no more than 5,000 lbs., will be allowed to drop off items closer to the event location but must be removed immediately following. Only small pickups, SUVs (and trailers if applicable) and golf carts will be allowed out on the Point Lawn.

Catering trucks are allowed on the lawn, but catering employees must park their cars in the designated parking areas, not on the lawn beside the catering truck.

If any driving is seen, whether damage has occurred or not, we reserve the right to keep your security deposit. This applies even if a vendor you have hired does this.

It is your responsibility to make sure the vendors you hire understand our rules and regulations.