Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding holding your wedding/event on the property.  If you have additional questions or are ready to reserve your date, please contact Kemberly Sawyer, Whalehead's Promotions & Event Coordinator.

Are there any additional expenses that I need to budget to adhere to the requirements of the Historic Corolla Park rules and regulations?

There are fees outside of the rental of property that do not apply to the Historic Corolla Park.

For example, if you are serving alcohol you must contact the Currituck County Sherriff’s office to arrange for a deputy to be on site during the time alcohol is served (usually around $25 per hour).

There are permits that are required for Currituck County such as Noise, Tent Permit, and sometimes an ABC permit. Some of these permits are taken care of by the vendors that you hire, but it is your responsibility to make sure that ALL REQUIRED PERMITS have been submitted to Currituck County 90 days prior to your event.

For more information about permits, potential additional fees and how to obtain what is needed, the Historic Corolla Park Event Coordinator would be happy to assist you.

Please be aware that Day-of Coordinators, restroom trailers, tent rentals, etc. will be additional fees that you will need to budget for.

Due to the complexity of larger events, Historic Corolla Park strongly recommends hiring an Event/Wedding Planner for your event.